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Block Printing is a method of printing beautiful designs on fabric by hand mainly practiced in India.

It is a practice that has not changed for thousands of years.  It uses no electricity, toxins or chemicals and only the eye and hand of the incredible artisans that create it. 

First the Master Block Carver takes a wooden block and pencils a motif or design on to it before carving the shape out with a chisel.  It is usually a hardwood such a teak.

The second stage is making up the dyes which are created from plants such as turmeric etc and are blended to create an array of stunning chemical free dyes.

The Master Printer then adds the block to the dye and hand stamps every inch of the fabric to be printed. He then cleans the block and adds another colour etc until the whole fabric has been printed.  It then dries in the sun.  

A truly incredible piece of art is the finished product which is then taken to tailors and manufacturers to be made into many different items each more beautiful than the next.

There may be imperfections, overprint, missing print in some areas but these are trade marks of the hand created items and should not be seen as flaws. 

Because it has been created slowly and passionately, it is not suitable for the harsh methods of machine and chemical methods we use daily.

Hand washing is optimal but napkins maybe washed in the machine with mild detergent on a delicate cold cycle. Line dry in the shade to prolong the wonderful colours. 

(Note; Some bleeding of colour may occur and is natural especially of indigo colours)

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