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ABC Hand Embroidered Tapestry

ABC Hand Embroidered Tapestry


An incredible piece of work, this hand embroidered ABC tapestry has been lovingly and sustainably created by talented artisans in the Valley of Kashmir. Each hand embroidered letter has a hand embroidered motif to coincide and this wall hanging would make a wonderful heirloom gift or beautiful nursery addition.


The thread used is hand dyed using plant based dyes. No two pieces are the same and each one takes more than 20 days to create using a chain stitch covering the entire tapestry. The reverse has a cotton canvas backing and three hooks are attached at the top to hang. Made in small quantities by a lovely family in Kashmir.


Approx 90cm x 60cm excluding tassles.

Spot clean only!

Beautifully embroidered with hand dyed wool and works unbelievably well with so many gorgeous F&B wall colours such as Elephants Breath, Green Smoke, Joa's White .

Contact us to colour check, we're happy to help.

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